Week 17/18 – Loving My New Life

Weeks 17/18: 18th August – 3rd September 2017

This week began on a high, it was measurements day on Friday!!

I lost 9lbs, which I was absolutely thrilled about, it brought me down to 13st 12lbs, I’m in the 13st bracket!!! I know that’s still super heavy but I was in the 16st bracket so that puts it into context and I love when I move out of one number into another!! I lost a few inches from my body again which is brilliant… as long as it keeps going down, that’s all that matters!! My arms were the only things that didn’t budge, Shane said they are one of the hardest parts of your body to loose weight from and they have already gone down an inch and half each so they’ll get there, eventually!! So overall I was totally delighted with the results!!

I have a wedding in 4 weeks, it’s a cousin of Hubby, in November 2016 we were at a wedding of the sister of the upcoming Groom so similar guests. I refused to have my photo taken although Hubby looked super handsome in his suit, for this wedding I won’t be shying away from the camera, the last photo I actually liked of myself & Hubby was taken over 8yrs ago!! So bearing that in mind I took myself into Liz Collins Boutique in Gorey to buy myself a dress!! I had one in mind that I had seen online, I slipped into it, praying it would fit and well it fit like a glove!! I have never been so happy, it is a size 16, it has a lovely shape around my chest which is great because I hate when I look all ‘chesty’… I absolutely love the dress and am dying to wear it!!

The last 2/3weeks have flown by and I haven’t updated the blog at all but so many good things have happened… I think I’ve told you already that I’ve started incorporating running into my training schedule and am totally loving it. I have tried running before but never kept it up, but now because of the spinning at Sprint Spinning Studio and all the Personal Training with them my body is so much fitter and stronger and I’m able to run!! I was speaking to a fellow spinner, who also is a runner who will be running the Dublin City Marathon and she even said she finds spinning helps immensely towards her training, so no matter what I will also keep up Spinning, plus I still don’t like running in the rain!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Last week we went on holidays to Hook Head and I can honestly say it was the best family holiday we’ve had so far… we were meant to stay only till Tuesday but stayed on till Saturday it was that enjoyable! We were active everyday, we went to the beach, we visited Abbeys and walked in the woods, we cycled around a bit and played crazy golf. One of the highlights for me was Kayaking, last year I just wouldn’t have attempted to get into a wet suit or wouldn’t have had the strength to paddle the kayak so I just wouldn’t have gone!! But there was no stopping me this year, yes I will totally admit I didn’t look super sexy in the wetsuit but seriously, who does??? We headed out from a golden sand cove and I swear you could have easily forgotten you were in Ireland, until of course you felt the ice-cold water!!! We were out for over 2 hours, it was brilliant, we explored some caves and coves, got stranded on some rocks and nearly got the instructor killed, but it was BRILLIANT!!

Home now and back to a ‘lean diet’ 😊😊 and full on training!! At this moment in time I am just loving my new life and … there’s not one negative about this whole journey!!


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