The Final Two Weeks

The last 2 weeks have been ‘funny’ 😁 I often refer to this journey as a roller coaster ride, well the last 2 weeks it’s been all about going up and coming down!! 2 weeks ago we had a wedding to go to, over the last 8 years or so we have attended easily 15 weddings, I can not remember feeling completely comfortable and happy at 1!! Every wedding I was a complete bag of nerves, I hated the way I felt, how I looked and many times other than getting the hair done I really didn’t try too hard. However 2 weeks ago while I was getting my hair done my hairdresser was asking me about the wedding and she said ‘It’s nice to see your actually looking forward to it, you are usually quite anxious about the wedding!!’ And she was so right, for the 1st time in years I felt comfortable, confident and happy. On the morning of the wedding I went for a run then got dressed and ready, I loved how I felt and looked!! We went on and had a great day at the wedding, I got really lovely comments and compliments which made me feel even better about myself.

temp-2 (5)
Me & My Hubby 

The day before the wedding was ‘measurements and weigh in day’,  I lost a further 6lbs which I was thrilled about, and a few more inches here and there too!! I have lost a total of 3 stone which brings my BMI down to 32… exactly what the Dr ordered!! With still 2 weeks to go to the hospital apt I felt pretty confident that they’ll be happy 😊

So the measurements and wedding were over the same weekend and it was a really great weekend, I felt great and thought nothing could knock me off this high!! Well I had an apt with the pain Dr again (remember 3mths ago they really peed me off!!) anyhow my back/rib has been pretty good but I went to the apt because it still isn’t 100%, the Dr. basically told me to keep up the training, aim to loose 3 more stone and come back in 6mths and he made a note on my file ‘to discuss breast reduction surgery!!’ I walked away kind of laughing and annoyed. I tried to not let it bother me and tried to get back that amazing feeling I had over the weekend!! However on the Thursday when I seen written down on my calendar, my hospital apt, panic took over, all of a sudden I began to question Had I done enough? Could I do more and more importantly How would I keep it up after my journey with Sprint Spinning Studio was over? This panic took over and consumed me, I knew it was completely ridiculous, I had done so much, I couldn’t have done any more and I knew I would continue on this journey! So for 2 days I was totally irrational, there were tears and questions and total ridiculousness!!

With the help of friends and coffee I got through that and felt great again, as you know I’ve still quite a bit more weight to go so I am going to continue this journey, I’ll still do Personal Training with Sprint Spinning Studio once a week as I feel I’m not quite there yet to go it alone and plus I love the exercises, I am also going to keep spinning 2 or 3 times a week. I will build up my running and hopefully over the winter start swimming so although one journey is coming to an end, really another journey is just beginning!!

Last Tuesday I ran my 1st official 5k race… I really really enjoyed it, my time was 30.40mins which was brilliant for my 1st 5k run. It was brilliant, I got emotional coming up towards the finish line simply because I was running a 5k… it felt amazing 😁

temp-0 (12)

The last week has been full of mixed emotions too, mainly happy ones but after sitting and speaking with Susan from Sprint Spinning Studio, it became clear what my fears were and why I was having these ‘panic attacks’ so to speak. To put it simply I feel as though I’ve been in rehab for the past 5 mths, I had the constant support of Shane & Susan and the wider Sprint Spinning Studio circle. I was thinking it was because of them, that’s how I got to where I am today but in fact it was me, it was me who put in the work, day in day out, it was me who listened to Shane and did everything he advised me to do, it was me who stayed disciplined and determined to see this through. Yes, Shane & Sprint Spinning Studio provided an amazing platform for me, and along with all the help, support and encouragement, it gave me the strength to want to carry on and see this journey through and now I know I can go on and will go on and continue my journey, with them by my side 😁  The genuine care and support from Sprint Spinning Studio is there for grabs if you need and/or want it, all you have to do is take the first step and contact them and meet Shane. You won’t regret it!

Oh I need to mention my ‘awful’ photo, remember back towards the beginning I had a photo taken with Ruth, one of Sprint Spinning Studio’s Personal Trainers & Spinning instructors,  I hated it, Ruth looked great but by god did I look awful, even when I looked at my ‘before’ photo it didn’t upset me as much as that photo did… anyhow last week I cornered Ruth and we retook that photo!! I am glad to say I love the new photo, I feel I can put the older photo behind me now, put it to bed and not think about it again, that feels amazing 😁😁😁

temp-1 (7)
Ruth & I!!

Tomorrow is our final weigh in & measurements, it’s only been 2 weeks since the last one so I’m not expecting a huge difference, as long as it’s still going down I’ll be happy!!



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