Final Blog Post Before My Reveal!

5 months ago I started on this amazing journey with Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio, now looking back to the first few weeks, I never thought or expected to change or to gain as much as I have. Honestly, I knew I would see it through the 5 months, I knew I’d loose weight, and I knew I’d be doing a lot of training. What I didn’t know, was that I would fall in love with myself, that I would absolutely love training and over time want to do more and more, that somewhere inside me there is a person who wants to wear beautiful coloured clothes, even with patterns, that me going through this journey has created a ripple effect and has made others think about starting their own journey, including the two most precious people to me, my Hubby & Son, they too have become healthier in their food choices and have increased their exercises, slowly, I have also gained a whole bunch of new friends who have been such a huge encouragement to me, cheering me on every step of the way. Mentally I am on top form, it has been a super loopy roller coaster ride and although there has been moments of ‘wobbliness’ these have been brief and thankfully not too often and have helped me get stronger and believe in myself. 5 months ago if Shane (from Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio) had of told me I’d feel all the above, I’d have laughed at him!! I have been on many journeys through my life but this is up there with the best. I mentioned before that I feel like a balloon, deflating slowly, now I think of the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ is more accurate 😊 This journey has been my cocoon and although, I’m not quite a beautiful butterfly just yet, I am certainly almost there 😁😁

Struggling for so long with my weight and finally getting a grip on it and turning it around now hasn’t been easy, BUT it’s been easier than I thought it would be, it’s far more enjoyable than I ever thought possible, largely because of the fun and encouragement you get at Sprint Spinning Studio, and well the benefits are amazing!! I tried on a size 14 winter coat yesterday and it fit me, it closed, I could move in it and it looked good on me, I was a size 20 starting this journey 5 short months ago!!

I am urging anyone unhappy with their weight to contact Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio, get yourself a Personal Trainer and/or get Spinning. I know it all costs money but I promise you, it will cost less than your weekly ‘junk food’ bill and in no time at all you’ll be feeling the benefits. This is investing in YOU!! It is honestly the best thing I have EVER DONE FOR ME!!! I have learnt not only how to exercise correctly, but also how to eat correctly. I have learnt how to love exercise, namely Spinning! That first class is daunting, but for no reason, once you walk in the door you immediately feel put at ease!

My Personal Trainer, Shane & I at Sprint Spinning Studio

I will never be able to thank Shane, Susan and all the instructors in Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio enough, they have given me this amazing start at a new healthier life which I will be forever grateful for.

IMG-20171016-WA0019 - Copy
My Personal Trainer, Shane & I 

If YOU are thinking about it, GO FOR IT, you will not regret it!


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