Final Blog Post Before My Reveal!

5 months ago I started on this amazing journey with Sprint Spinning & Personal Training Studio, now looking back to the first few weeks, I never thought or expected to change or to gain as much as I have. Honestly, I knew I would see it through the 5 months, I knew I’d loose weight,… Continue reading Final Blog Post Before My Reveal!

The Final Two Weeks

The last 2 weeks have been ‘funny’  I often refer to this journey as a roller coaster ride, well the last 2 weeks it’s been all about going up and coming down!! 2 weeks ago we had a wedding to go to, over the last 8 years or so we have attended easily 15 weddings, I… Continue reading The Final Two Weeks

Week 17/18 – Loving My New Life

Weeks 17/18: 18th August – 3rd September 2017 This week began on a high, it was measurements day on Friday!! I lost 9lbs, which I was absolutely thrilled about, it brought me down to 13st 12lbs, I’m in the 13st bracket!!! I know that’s still super heavy but I was in the 16st bracket so… Continue reading Week 17/18 – Loving My New Life

Week 16 – “Don’t Look So Nervous”

Week 16 – 11th – 18th August 2017 This last week was a great week, my periods came and went and they are very ‘manageable’… I suppose when I was getting them so irregularly they would have been very heavy and unpredictable!! This month they were fine  I really get a lot out of the… Continue reading Week 16 – “Don’t Look So Nervous”

Week 15 – Emotional

Friday 4th August – Thursday 10th August 2017 This week has been emotional, not in a bad way, good things have happened and made me feel like crying  So my week started on Friday with spinning followed by pt!! I had a really good chat with Shane about my ‘worry’ which is what will I do… Continue reading Week 15 – Emotional

Week 13/14 – A Run Up Tara Hill!

Tuesday 25th July – Tuesday 1st August 2017 Tuesday morning last week was the toughest training session I have ever done!! I met Shane (personal trainer from Sprint Spinning & Personal Training) at the Tara Hill car park, and he began by sussing out where my head was at, I felt scared and nervous, I… Continue reading Week 13/14 – A Run Up Tara Hill!

Week 12/13 – Measurements Week!!

Monday 17th July – Monday 24th July 2017 I went up Tara Hill again on Monday last week, and ran even more than the Sunday night, I knocked 2mins 27secs off my time!! I was absolutely chuffed and delighted with myself. The 1st time I did Tara Hill my time was 59mins!! I have gotten… Continue reading Week 12/13 – Measurements Week!!

Week 11 – Toughest So Far!!!

So, from now I will be doing weekly blog posts! This last week was probably the hardest week so far on my journey!! All my training sessions went well, albeit hard but I pushed through and completed all 7!! At the beginning of the week I constantly felt hungry, like I could eat my weight… Continue reading Week 11 – Toughest So Far!!!

Days 64 – 71: Synopsis Of The Week!!

DAYS 64 – Friday 30th June – Day 71 Friday 7th July: SYNOPSIS OF  THE WEEK!! This week has been super crazy busy and I just haven’t managed to sit down and write a log at all. Today is the start of Week 11… let me rewind and fill you in on the past week … Continue reading Days 64 – 71: Synopsis Of The Week!!

Day 63 – 9 Weeks Done :-)

DAY 63 – Thursday 29th June –  9 WEEKS DONE  I’ve been thinking a lot this week about ‘what if I get pregnant before reaching my goal’ now I know people would say ‘use protection’ but that defeats everything we’re trying to do. One part of me wants to reach my goal and be the… Continue reading Day 63 – 9 Weeks Done 🙂